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  • Food Safety for Managers Certifcation course


    FSM 2020 is a modern easy to use online course to prepare you or your employees for the ServSafe Managers Certification Exam (or any of the other 4 nationally accredited exams.)  This is the course only option.  We also sell a Course and ServSafe “At Home” exam Bundle. We have trained over 33,000 managers in over 600 companies in live classroom settings, webinars and online courses.  The course uses the written word, it has  full audio version and many video clips from live classes or recorded webinars.

    If you are in the Boston area you can come to our office to the the exam. Buy the online course here and when you are ready head to and book the in person exam. Feel free to call 617-445-1647  to book an exam at our Boston office.

  • FSM2020 Certification Course and ServSafe Exam @ Home Exam through Proctor U


    FSM2020 is the perfect study tool for the ServSafe Managers Certification exam. The exam can now be taken online either at a testing center (we have one in Boston MA) or in your own home or office. It is still a closed book exam and an online proctor will enforce some pretty strict rules. The proctor is independent of ServSafe and Food Safety for Managers (FSM2020). The online proctor will be in control of your computer and using your camera they will make sure the room and surroundings are compatible. PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK TO READ MORE BEFORE MAKING THIS PURCHASE:

    If you would prefer to take the exam at our Boston Office – DO NOT buy this bundle,  Buy the online course only and call us at 617-445-1647  head to and book the in person exam.exam at our office in Boston Office ($89)


  • FSM2020 Certification Course and ServSafe Exam at our Boston Office

    $158.00 2 hours

    A modern easy to use online course to prepare students for the ServSafe Managers Certification Exam. This product bundle includes the FSM 2020 certification training course and a written or online exam at our testing center in Boston MA.

    FSM 2020 is a perfect way to study for any of the nationally accepted exams like ServSafe, NRSFP, or Prometrics. The class is rated as 8 hours of study time but if you took advantage of all the video and study materials it could take well over 16 hours to complete. The level of depth is controlled by you. All Online food safety courses are for training only and you must pass an exam approved by your jurisdiction to become certified. We use ServSafe which is approved by every jurisdiction in the country.


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