Before You Buy

Try a couple chapters free before you buy!

Go to the course introduction and look for the free preview links on the first 2 chapters. No other course offers this!

Technical Requirements

Since this is an online course the first requirement is that the student has an internet connection.  Seems obvious enough but you may be buying this for an employee that doesn’t have regular access to the internet.

A broadband connection is needed for playback of class videos – the text and audio portions do not require broadband.  Without broadband the video playback may be much too slow.

Any smart device with an internet browser will work,  there are no flash players so iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android devices, Pc’s  will all work with this course!

Browsers:  Most all browsers will work, if yours doesn’t please comment with details using the comment form at the bottom of most pages. You may be required to download a plugin or two depending on how your browser is set up. Our favorite browsers are Mac: Chrome or Firefox, (Some versions of Safari in OSX Lion has demonstrated some slow page loads) for Windows, Chrome or Firefox. For iPhone and iPad IOS Safari works fine. Please use the most up to date version of your favorite browser.

Terms and Conditions

By buying the course you agree that it is for one person and is not to be shared with any others.  The course does keep track of how many different computers access the course and will lock you out once it determines more than one person is accessing it.  This limit is usually 3 different devices.  No two computers can be logged in at the same time with the same account.

Is the class good for your local Health Department

The course will work for almost all areas of the US. There are a couple states and several local health Departments that the course will not satisfy their requirement, the most notable are Rhode Island and Illinois, Since we do not require students spend a certain amount of time on each page and require students look at each page we do not qualify for the 15 hours of training that Rhode Island requires. We prefer to make this class fast and user friendly rather than cumbersome and slow. Check out your area here


We want you to be happy with this course.  Try it for up to 7 days – if you are not happy with it we will sadly refund your purchase price. There are no other courses that offer this!

After 7 days form the initial purchase there are no refunds.